Finding a cup of coffee

When I visit, move to a new place, I want to find a place where I could get a perfect cup of coffee. If I can do that, I’m instantly in love with that place. That one cup can change everything about my trip, experience and memories. Some people have books, bars or museums, instead of coffee. I believe that everyone has that one special thing that could change how you look at the place. Mine is coffee.

I’ve visited few places, I had a lot of coffee and some cups were better than others. During the first week in Leiden (I live there now), we stumbled upon a wonderful place called Chummy Coffee LeidenThe place is cozy, but nothing extraordinary. However, the coffee… it made everything slightly better. There is one particular cup called Stardust and for me, it was the most magical thing you can find there. It tastes really good, just like fluffy clouds and it reminds me of one of the most beautiful love stories that I have ever seen (it’s called Stardust, too). From that day, Leiden became a magical place for me. I found Narnia’s doors, lovers’ alley, Englishmen’ getaway. If that wasn’t enough, there is another wonderful place, which gives you not only coffee but also lets you send postcards on the day of your choosing! Isn’t that wonderful?

If anyone is reading this, what is your favorite coffee shop? What is your most beloved place in the world? What makes the place special for you?

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