Stroll in the countryside

In my home country, I was used to nature. You could easily hide in the pure and untouched forest or see how nature won the battle against humans, but that doesn’t happen in the Netherlands. Everything is perfect here – you have perfect cities, perfect fields, perfect parks, perfect everything. Except in De Hoge Veluwe National Park. This place is perfect but in a very different way.

You have to drive for a while and it seems that you are in the middle of nowhere when you reach this park. We were slightly lost when getting to the park, so we started from the other side than we supposed to. So, I was slightly frustrated when we reached the entrance. You don’t expect much, even though it’s a national park. The first surprise waits for you when you enter the park – you can take a free bike (with extremely small wheels) and have a stroll in the park. Because the park has this amazing art museum (they have one of the biggest Van Gogh collection in the world) and it was on the other side than we started, we were really thankful for these bicycles.

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Discovering dessert in the middle of the Netherlands

When we started driving, I felt home. The forest smelled like home. That perfect scent of pines, fir made me feel like I’m back home. That smell made all the trip worthwhile. At from then on, everything was even better. It’s like a secret magical land – you start at the forest, go to fields of grain, reach the land of purple flowers, pass the land of no one (sand dunes and nothing else), go to the forest again and reach the heart of the park – Koller-Muller art museum. If you like paintings, they have everything – from artworks from 1600’s to the last Van Gogh’s painting. If you prefer sculptures, they have huge park filled with very different sculptures in the middle of the forest. You can see – this place is a magical place.

Because of that, it has won a tiny place in my heart. I want to go back there, because of all the magic. Hopefully, I will visit it this autumn again when there are even more color and magic in this place.

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