Come in, you are always welcome here!

A large part of moving is leaving the loved ones. It can be difficult sometimes because you can’t really share the experiences and moments with them. Thus, it feels as if you are leaving them behind. Recently, I understood it’s impossible to leave something that is a part of you.

After moving, the first few weeks were tough, because my mom was going through something exhausting and I was unable to be there for her. I didn’t say the proper goodbyes to some people and I couldn’t do that anymore. I had so many stories and worries and I couldn’t tell them to my friends. After a while, I got used to being more or less alone. Okay, to be fair, I’m never alone. I have my partner. He is amazing but I need my people, too. And today a friend of mine visited us. Somehow, I felt better, calmer at that moment. It wasn’t because something was wrong, but I simply realized that I will never be alone.

No matter what you think, there are people surrounding you all the time. They might be further away, maybe across the ocean (or a huge land), but they are still here. As long as they are real and true to you, they will be always here and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.

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