Waiting for the weekend

I enjoy working, I really do, but I couldn’t imagine my life without weekends. They are one of the best parts of the week. During that time I get to relax, be with the loved ones and explore. It’s the time when you are free to do anything you want and who doesn’t like that?

The weekend was always the time when you didn’t have to do anything or when no one was pressuring you to be in one or another place. However, I started treasuring them even more, when I met my little prince. I would work all week to make sure that I have free weekends and that I can travel, sleep, eat with the boy. My weekends in the Netherlands are slightly different. Just like in a great dream, I get to go to the local market where you can find basically anything here from clothes or shampoo to amazing fish. Afterwards, I can go exploring and wondering. Because the country has a very rich history and beautiful sights, every tiny corner is beautiful and worth visiting. I haven’t been to many places so far, but I haven’t been in the Netherlands for a long time. I still have to read my guidebook. I can do all that with the only person I want to share my memories. In the end of the day, I come back home, have my glass of wine and a beautiful sound of vinyl. That’s enough for me for the weekend.

So, that’s why I like weekends so much. What is your favorite part of the week? Or even weekend?

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