Be ready – guests are arriving

Before leaving, I was complaining that no one will visit us. I wanted to be loved and missed, just like everyone else. However, leaving meant disappearing from everyone’s lives. Then no one would really miss me or need me. Oh, boy, how wrong I was.

Out of the blue, people are coming every other weekend and I secretly wish that they wouldn’t come all at once. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy and extremely excited, but it feels challenging to host everyone at the same time. I’m secretly afraid that there won’t be enough time to travel and to discover the country on my own. I need time to find all cool and interesting place. I want to be able to show everything that I have discovered so far. Because they are coming so quickly, I didn’t find enough place, I don’t know enough got spots. I don’t have much to show at this point. So, besides my secret need to explore on my own, I also want to share the beauty of this place. Since I haven’t seen enough, I’m afraid that they won’t like this place and then they will never come back. That’s probably the scariest thing of them all. This place is so beautiful and so magical, that it would a shame if they couldn’t experience it properly. How do you deal with that? How don’t you over doi it? How do you make sure that they leave with the best memories? How do you make sure that they want to come back after a while? I just don’t know and I’m too scared to know, I guess.

This leads me to a very tricky situation – I’m over the moon and scared as hell at the same time. What if I don’t do my best? What if they leave disappointed? What if I am an awful host? What if..

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