When writing becomes a challenge

I have started many projects and usually, they don’t yield quick results. Usually, they take time and effort. Because they require so much time, I give up. It’s easier than to push through. Thus, the question of this evening is – how to push through?

I have been doing this one only for two weeks but now I reached a point where writing becomes a challenge. I used to write and I wrote a lot but it was never systematically. I could write 5 letters in a day and could stop writing for few weeks or months. However, with this one, I am determined to write every single day until it becomes a natural thing to do. Nonetheless, I am struggling to do that. I almost convinced myself that it wouldn’t be a problem, I could write to stories tomorrow. In reality… I could do that but most likely I wouldn’t. Plus, if I avoided writing once, I could avoid again. No one is forcing me to do that. No one is looking over my shoulder and checking if I posted a story today. I believe that’s the reason why it can be a challenge to find motivation once in a while. Because I’m doing this for myself, I can stop, pause any time I want. No one will tell me that I didn’t fulfill my promise or did a bad job. I could simply stop. That would be the easiest option. I could choose it but I prefer not to do that. If you want to do something, to learn, you have to push through, you have to believe in yourself and simply keep on doing. It can yield unexpected results.

Even though I would gladly skip this day and write two posts tomorrow (or not), I want to stick to my plan. I want to write one story every day and find motivation for that. Maybe that will help to learn one or two things about me. Maybe I will learn how to be stubborn enough when pursuing other goals. Just like LaBeouf said: “Just do it.”

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