When meaning of adventure changes

I had a friend staying over at my place this weekend. At one point, she said something that struck me and staying there up until now. She said that I became boring because I wanted to go home, to come back to the person who was waiting for me. That’s sad and exciting at the same time.

In a way, it’s sad because she doesn’t appreciate my current lifestyle. Somehow, it became less interesting, less adventurous, because I chose differently than she did; because I want to come back to the only place and person where I feel safe and truly extraordinarily happy. It sad because people who are (or used to be) close to you don’t understand you anymore. In a way, they don’t respect your life choices and your priorities. Does it make me less interesting because I stopped wanting to party all night? It’s interesting to see how people change and how they decide if your life is good enough based on their standards. I wouldn’t mind it that much if it was a stranger, but friends are the ones who should support you and have your back. Saying that I’m boring because I’m choosing differently is just not that.

However, there is a bright side to this situation. I remembered who I was before meeting my person and how much I have changed. I became stronger because of him, I became happier, I became more excited and the funny thing is – I became more adventurous. Yes, I don’t party all night, even though I live in the Netherlands, I don’t smoke weed, but I go on tiny adventures which are necessary for my happiness. I dared to move to a different country, I dared to share my life and my heart with another person (it takes more courage than you can imagine), I dared not only to dream about exploring the world, but I’m doing something about it. This life, these changes are my adventures and I couldn’t be more grateful for them.

So, yeah, going home might be boring, but my adventures are different now. Finding happiness after an evening of fighting, planning the future with another person, moving to another country, trying to find my place in an unknown and alien society is my adventure. It might not be enough for some people, but my plate seems full at this point. So, what is an adventure for you?

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