Learning new language

I always admire people who can speak many languages. That looks really cool. I have to admit, I wanted to be one of them. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will ever happen and I’m starting to remember all the reasons why. I started learning Dutch and I really wish I could give up.

A new language is always challenging, especially if you are not a kid anymore. It becomes slightly more difficult to remember, to put a word, a phrase in the right place of your mind. It’s even more difficult when you learn a foreign language in another foreign language. So, my mother tongue is Lithuanian but barely anyone speaks this language. There simply aren’t that many of us. No surprise that in the Netherlands I am learning Dutch not in Lithuanian but in English. That’s just another set of crazy. There are things which could be explained easier in Lithuanian than in English. For example, Dutch have a word for a doll and a tiny doll (a cuter version for a doll). I know  what they mean but it takes me a while to get the point. Or sometimes I start translating things from Lithuanian to English and then to Dutch. Or I know tiny bits of other languages (French, German) and sometimes I would pronounce the Dutch words in English or German. Because of this weird mix up, it’s much more difficult to learn the language and actually excel at it. And I really wish I could give up. Nonetheless, I try to push further, to learn one thing at a time and hope that at some point I won’t be that bad at it. Learning a language is difficult itself but when you try to do that in a foreign language.

Learning a language is difficult itself but when you try to do that in a foreign language, it’s even worse. You not only have to remember all the words, phrases, and weird grammatical rules, now you have to remember not to mix three different languages, to think only in one or two languages, to forget everything that you’ve learned before.

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