Lighting a candle

I come from a place where we don’t really celebrate Halloween. The younger generation are a bit different but in general, we don’t have Halloween. However, we have All Saint’s Day which is really a big deal for us and I will miss it for the first time in my life.

All Saint’s Day means remembering everyone who left this world and honoring their memory. It’s a day when we visit graves of those who are or rather were important for us. We would bring flowers, light a candle, stop for a second and pray. Some people take even more seriously and read from Bible or go to the Mass. In our family, that day wasn’t that serious. We would usually leave early in the morning, visit different graveyards, go to my grandmother, have super traditional Lithuanian dinner and then go back home. We would light a candle on every grave and remember these people for a split second. We would remember enough to be sad and mourn them again. For the past ten years, I would light a candle over the lost unknown soldiers’ graves. No one knows who they are (were), no one remembers them. That’s the saddest part of this holiday – you can easily spot the graves that are forgotten, that don’t have anyone who would care enough to visit them. That’s why I would light a candle over the lost soldiers’ graves. They fought, they lost their lives for this country and I would them to have at least that one day or moment where someone remembers them, thanks them and leaves a tiny source of warmth.

However, because I’m not there anymore, I won’t visit anyone. I won’t see my great-grandmother, I won’t be able to thank her for everything that she did for me. Days like these a bit difficult – they are a part of me, a tradition and I realize that I am slowly losing them.

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