Creating a habit

I wrote about this before but I will repeat it again – I would really love to be able to write every day. However, I don’t have that kind of habit and sometimes it’s just way too difficult to force yourself to write a story every single day.

There are the bunch of studies done regarding developing a habit. Even TED talk is for that. Some people say that you need 26 days, others say you need 30 days. Nonetheless, you need a particular amount of time to form a habit and I guess that’s the main problem.

What happens if you get past that time frame? As sad as it is, I always give up without reaching that point. I know it’s stupid and lacks commitment but there are so many interesting and different things in the world that it would be impossible to stick just to one. I admire people who have one passion, one special thing but I’m nothing like that. I’m interested in the world, interested in exploring and discovering. That’s why sometimes I don’t have enough time or even energy to stick to that one particular thing.

Nonetheless, I am trying to do that. Slowly but surely (just love this expression). Because of that, I’m doing my 30 days of writing. Again. Hopefully, this time is a charm.

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