It’s been two years

Almost two years ago I met this amazing boy who changed my life completely. We went on a first date soon after that and after each date, we would say that “Oh, we have no idea if we wanted to meet after a month.” The first month passed, the second did, too. A year went by and the same is with the second year. What I’m trying to say – our understanding of time (or world) is such a relative thing. It can easily change, get new forms or simply disappear.

In the beginning, I was slightly surprised that we kept on talking after a month. It took us only half a year to decided that we want to start traveling together. However, that wasn’t easy. Just like everyone else we had our ups and downs. I had no idea what “being in a relationship” means, I didn’t have any expectations or understanding how bad it can be but he knew. That complicated everything – we had a very different understanding and expectations of our relationship. I wanted to be happy, to be myself and to learn about another person. He wanted to avoid getting hurt, to avoid feeling pain and sadness even if that meant losing what we had. Nonetheless, I was charming enough to convince that it’s okay-ish to be afraid. Funny enough, later I was the one who was freaking out. I simply had no idea that loving meant change for the other person, putting other person and his happiness first. The thing that really helps for us – one of was was always the rock when another was freaking out.

So, somehow we survived our fears and sometimes contrasting views and experiences of the word. Half a year was a huge deal for me a year ago but now I think that 20 years wouldn’t be long enough. I know it’s just the beginning of our beautiful story but I already learned one important thing – you have to listen and try to understand another version of the story. Otherwise, you won’t be able to meet in the middle and consolidate those two different world views. Relationships aren’t about who beats who. On the contrary, it’s about who gives the olive branch, helping hand first. And he will always here to remind me of that. That’s the thing I’m most grateful after those two years.

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