Dreaming differently 

During the past few weeks, I realize that people actually dream differently – starting from our night dreams ending with wishes. That was a bit surprising for me as I always assumed that people are the same and our dreams are similar.

I was talking about night dreams with my partner and was really surprised how contrasting our understanding of dreams is. I usually dream of either simple and very real things or scenes are which highly unlikely to happen in real life. Nonetheless, both dreams are equally real for me and after waking up I need some time to figure out what have happened and what is real. I can’t change anything and dreams can feel like memories for me. At the other side of the table, there is my partner. Apparently, he can dream and at the same time understand that he is dreaming. It’s just like Inception (if you haven’t watched the movie, please, do watch). He knows it’s a dream and can influence how it is going. Isn’t that fascinating? Two relatively similar people and they dream in an unsimilar way.

Not only our night dreams are different. Whenever we are day-dreaming, we do that sometimes just like night and day. Some people dream about fairy tales or better worlds, others dream about nice meal later at night. Of course, there are people who dream about both. The important thing here is to learn to respect different dreams (or rather people). These differences are part of the reason why we are beautiful and interesting. So, appreciate it and dream on! Oh, and don’t forget to tell about it to others!

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