Feeling at home

I’ve been living in the Netherlands for five months already and only today I realized that I finally feel at home here. It’s not just a veeeery long and weird holidays but it’s actually my home and Leiden (and the Netherlands) will be home for a while. So, what makes a place home?

I used to say that you need people for a place to be home. But what happens when you move and have no one there? To be fair, I always had my partner and he isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Nonetheless, is one person enough for a place to be called home? Yes and no. It’s not about how many people you have in a particular place, it’s you. How do you feel? Is it really a place where do you feel at home? It took me almost half a year to start feeling at home and that’s not because there is something wrong with this place. Even though I pushed to move, I brought this opportunity to the table, but it was simply too difficult to grasp the idea that I wouldn’t be moving any time soon.

I love this place. Leiden is one of the cutest places you can find. There are adorable tiny cafes, cozy little alleys, and everything is relatively close. Our house is kind of perfect. Despite that, I constantly had an idea in the back of my mind that I would be going back soon. I always thought that it was just too good to be true. So, slowly but surely I am realizing that this is my life now, that nothing bad will happen. Now, Leiden, our house feel like home. I’m at home, finally. To sum up, any place can be home. It just depends on you how bad you want it to be home.

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