Making your dreams come true

Everyone has some wishes. Some are bigger, others a bit smaller. But the question that I would like to ask – how many of them really come true? What do you do you to make sure that you pursue your dreams?

I am a huge dreamer – I can easily come up with ten different things what I would like to do/have/experience in a split of a second. At the same time, I tried to do my “100 things to do before I die” and I stopped somewhere in the middle. Does that  mean that I don’t have imagination? I beg to differ – there are too many things that I can think of and my hand is way too slow to write everything down. My dreams can vary from the smallest things (get a mixer) to the biggest ones (live abroad, travel around East Asia). What is important for me – I don’t leave somewhere in the air. I try to make sure that each of them would come true. For example, I and my partner have this magical box where all our dreams are. We pick three of them on New Yorks Eve and do everything that we can that at least of them would come true. For example, last year we picked: travel to Vietnam, go across the US with a train or stay for a while in Alaska. Because there were so many changes and expenses this year, we decided to go for Vietnam. I have to admit – we didn’t go to Vietnam just yet. Nonetheless, we bought the ticket and we will be going next summer. So, it will  come true in the end.

I believe dreams are important. They help us to grow and seeking for something more. Also, they make us happy and life without happiness is just a lifetime of a misery. So, what do you do to make your dreams come true?

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