Francobolli – coffee with a postcard

Coffee and postcards are probably two my favorite things. There is nothing better than sharing a cup of coffee with a friend and postcards will make them feel really special. So, if I get the chance to combine these two things, I’m over the moon!

Francobolli offers you exactly that. When you get there, you can order a cup of coffee (and it’s really good), pie (my favorite is their cheesecake) and while you’re waiting or drinking that delicious cup of coffee, you can simply pick a postcard and send it to someone. If I’m not mistaken, each postcard is about one euro and there are tons of them – starting from cheesy touristic postcards ending with weird artsy ones. When you write not so secret and address, give it to the waitress and choose the date when you want to send it. Yep, you read it right – you can choose the date when to send it. They have this huuuuge calendar with every single day of the year and you can pick on which day your postcard should be sent. Isn’t that cool?

If you’re wondering how far do you have to go, tt’s in the city center, so super easy to reach and find. You have beautiful views if choose to sit next to the window (it’s next to one of the Leiden’s canals. Hence, it’s a perfect option for the sunny and maybe a bit lazy afternoon.

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