A. Huxley. Doors of Perception

I’ve heard about Doors of Perception a while ago – my mother was reading it maybe a decade ago. It took my a while, but we have similar taste and she knows her way around the books. I remember how interested she was when reading the book and how inspired she was afterward. So, when I got my hands on it, I was really excited about that.

It’s a tiny book, something around 100 pages. Okay, to be honest, Doors of Perception is probably 40 pages and then other books/insights. So, what is Doors of Perception? More or less, it’s a story about the experience of Huxley while using Mescalin. It covers everything – history of that experiment, experience while under the hallucinogens, philosophical/medical explanations for certain experience and feelings and insights of Huxley himself. Might seem nothing special, but it got me thinking. Actually, I am still thinking. Probably my favorite quote of this book puts everything that I’m feeling brilliantly in one sentence.

We must learn how to handle words effectively; but at the same time we must preserve and, if necessary, intensify our ability to look at the world directly and not through that half opaque medium of concepts, which distorts every given fact into the all too familiar likeness of some generic label or explanatory abstraction.

Do we really experience enough or do we choose to high behind large walls of words? Sometimes, I am worried that I choose to do the later, especially know. I used words, I describe fancy lives and experiences, but I sometimes doubt if I really experience enough. Maybe it’s time to change something? Not only talk but actually change? So, I love and I am grateful for this idea, for this thought. We will see if I really have will to act on it.

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