Love-hate relationship with the homeland

I was born and raised in a country which has to most beautiful nature and pretty ladies. I have no idea why, but we are really proud of those two things as if there is nothing else to be proud of. Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with Lithuania.

It has amazing tech scene (one of my loves) as well as incredibly smart and inspiring scientists. Some of them are changing semi-conductors/lasers industry, others are revolutionalizing cosmos and there are few who are changing our understanding of the world. We have amazing artists and sportsman. We have one of the oldest languages in the world which still stands firm against all occupations, globalization, and challenges that small nations face. Truly, we have such a beautiful nature. We have freaking cold winters but they change everything a real wonderland. I couldn’t be more happy or grateful for being born and growing in Lithuania. I’ve got to learn what nature and solitude is. I got to experience no people around me and learn the language which makes you incredibly special and unique in a way.

At the same time, there are so many things wrong with the homeland. Some of the things break my heart every single time. In Lithuania, there is no respect or love for being different. Sometimes, there is even room for love. We are incredibly welcoming for the people who don’t know us and then we are can hurt our neighbors with one word. In general, the world isn’t welcoming for different people, but my homeland is even worse. If you have a different opinion, you can be immediately labeled as dumb. If you have a different lifestyle, you can freak. If you were born different, you are a curse on this world. The country is so beautiful outside but there are so many things to learn inside and really wish it would happen a bit faster. Until that… I don’t think that anything will change. And the problem is not with government or our system. The problem is with people who somewhere along the way forgot what love really means.

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