So, why did I leave?

As I said, I come from the country which is beautiful outside and not so much inside. Hence, we have so much sadness and frustration inside of us and everyone assumes that we left because of the search for the better life.  Sadly, no one thinks there can be another reason.

Lithuania is rather new and young country – we are still trying to navigate this world and find our way there. Because of our history, culture, legacy and some many other reasons, we are fighting alcoholism, sadness, significantly lower wages, huge differences between few cities and the rest of the country. So, I guess everyone assumes that the only reason why one would leave the country, one’s home is the search for a better life. In a way, it’s irreprehensible that there are other reasons to leave your family and friends. Whenever I come back to see my parents, they try to convince that I can also live in Lithuania, that it’s not so bad.

Unfortunately, no one stops and actually asks why we left. We didn’t leave because we wanted a better life or because it was too difficult to live in Lithuania. We left because we wanted something new, something different. To be honest, we left, because we were looking for adventures and challenges. We left because of us and need to grow, but we probably won’t come back anytime soon because of the way Lithuania is. No one can convince me otherwise. I have to admit, it’s a bit sad but that’s how it is. At least, for now. I and others have to accept that.

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