Sitting in the street

No matter where I am, this time of year is one of the most beautiful. It differs per country/place, but you still can find something incredibly beautiful. In here, the Netherlands, it’s all these people who in the end of the day take out their little tables and littles and simply sit on the side of the street.

Apparently, a part of Dutch culture means that you are social, you build communities. One way of doing that is going outside, having a dinner and enjoying the evening with your neighbors. To get the better image, you take our tiny table out, bring your dinner and beer (!), sit outside and wait till your friend (or the neighbor) comes by. In a way, they show themselves off, but at the same time, they search for ways to connect and build their relationships. For me, a girl from a place where people even barely smile, it’s fascinating. I’m not used to sharing my personal space and talking with strangers or the neighbors that I barely know. I come from the culture where you almost never invite people to your home. It’s much better to meet in a restaurant or a coffee shop that show your real self and your inside which is less personal and less “naked”.

That’s what I actually like about the Netherlands. Even though it takes a very long time to bond with them, they are open and honest. I really wish people wouldn’t care that much about polishing their image and creating “perfect” life, but would actually enjoy being raw self. Hopefully, with time I can be more like them.

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