Paper letter – key to my heart

When I was little, I used to send letters to my great-grandmother and I think that was the first time when I realized how beautiful and special real letters are. I lost the meeting few times, but now I start to miss them again.

They can give so much joy and joy to the outer world. You can share stories and show that the connection (and a person) actually matters. Surprisingly, people know that but are way too occupied with other things to start writing letters or answer the received ones. They always say that letters are special and make them happy and yet almost never they answer. Even though I like writing, I like sharing, but that’s a bit disappointing. Even my loved one doesn’t have the will to write a tiny note, not even talking about the actual letter. In a way, that’s a bit selfish. They want everyone else to make them happy but often forget that others want to be happy and surprised once in a while as well. And that’s the sad part – people are so stuck in their virtual worlds and passive communication that they forget how special a compliment, a tiny gift, one letter can be. There are so many bad things happening around us that a nice thing once in a while wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Don’t get me wrong – I do the same thing. I get absorbed by my world and problems that I forget to tell my friends or family how special they are for me. I forget to send a tiny postcard for my parents. But at least I try to be better, to create little joys for the people who are around me (or a bit further away). Some days I am really good at it, others I fail miserably. Nonetheless, I try and I really hope that it’s the case when the thought actually counts. So, one more attempt for this beautiful evening – maybe you would like to get a letter from the sunny Leiden?

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