Two different working styles

So, I am doing this master which is basically non-stop teamwork. Usually, that’s not a problem. I have been working/volunteering long enough to learn my way around the people. However, this time… It’s almost impossible to handle.

I love people, I do admire their persistence and passion when they are treated as a group. However, individuals are a different story. They can be ignorant, arrogant, narcissistic. These are some of the things that I really hate. To this day I can’t understand how you can grow up with zero respect to others, willingness to listen and learn. I try to listen, to take other opinions into account. Sometimes, I go even too far, but hey – it’s better safe than sorry. And the complete ignorance just perplexes me. So, slowly I start building this incredibly strong hate which leads to two completely different working styles and continuous clashes.

That’s where I’m now – in a constant battle with a person who has no idea how have the job done and complete ignorance to bits of advice and feedback. I would love to move from this place, I would love to let it go, but for some reason… I just can’t. On the one hand, I don’t want to seem weak. But on the other hand, the person makes me doubt myself even though I have experience and knowledge relevant to this case. So, how do you push through that? Do you let it go? Or do you fight it till then end with the hope that the quality wouldn’t be that awful?

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