What does it mean being in love?

We grow up with the fairytale of love and relationship where the most important part is falling in love and battleing challenges to be together. I grow up with and my case was even worse – I have parents with more or less perfect story. They fell in love in high-school and are still deeply in love. But that’s not the full story of love. It’s much more complicated. And frustrating.

I would love that love would be just like in stories, but reality is soooo much different. You have to deal with each other’s quirks, moods, lifestyles. You have to accept that you don’t have the same opinion on the tiny things, e.g. importance of words. You can love each other so much that you end up fighting about it. To be honest, I had no idea that love can be so messy and exhausting some times. I always thought that my mom joked that love and relationship is a non-stop job and management of my, his, ours expectations. Now I am learning it hard way. Don’t get me wrong, love, being in love isn’t bad. Just sometimes it requires so much energy that I couldn’t imagine. At the same time, it is magical. It can consume you. One hug, one smile, one touch can change your day and make everything better. I have never cried as much from laughter, cuteness and pure happines as I did while being with my partner. He always encourages me, he helps to believe in myself which is the feeling which I had only when my great-grandmother was alive. Love is much more intensive that I could have ever imagined.

It’s fun to fall in love, you have all these butterflies and wonderful first times togethers, but actually being in love… I couldn’t ask for anything better. Yes, it’s hard, but it’s hard, because it’s incredibly important for me, for both of us. It wouldn’t hurt (or make us happy) so much if we cared at least a bit less. Being in love means actually trusting other person as much as you trust yourself or sometimes even more. Can there be anything better than that?

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