To all Lucies out there

There is this amazing project called The World Needs More Love LettersBasically, it helps to share all love, joy, support around the world. Each month they have few letter bundle requests. This time, mom was looking for a bit of love and support for her daughter, Lucy. She is only 10 but already suffered from the cruelty of the world. Kids bullied her and made her believe that she isn’t good enough, smart enough or special enough. She reminded me of myself and my fear, worry and even the wish to become someone else, someone one million times better. I believe that all of us have Lucy inside of us. So, I am sending a bit of love to all of you.

Dear Lucy,

I wanted to send you an actual pen and paper letter. However, I come from the country (Lithuania) where the only way of writing is in cursive. It can be very hard to read, especially in mine handwriting. You know, I assumed that everyone writes in cursive and only few years ago I learned that it’s not entirely true. So, it makes me special, doesn’t it? Nonetheless, I hope that you like this letter as well. I apologize for the mistakes and typos in advance. You see, it is almost impossible to fix letter when it is written with the typewriter. It’s like a person – all tiny imperfections make it even more special.

Your mom says that you don’t want to be yourself, you don’t want to be special and just like the tiny ball of magic. She says you want to be different – look differently, act differently. But why? Because of what others think or might think? You can’t give into that! They aren’t you and there will always be someone who doesn’t like how you look, speak or think. Don’t let anyone else define who you are. Your quirks and likes make who you are and you should be extremely proud of that.

When I was your age, I changed schools. My classmates made fun ofme, because I was different than what they expected or were used to. I was opinionated, I was loud with bunch of skirts and weird ponytales. I was smart and wasn’t afraid to show it. So, they decided that if I was different, they would punish or correct me by making fun of me. It was hard, but I never gave up. I was in the top of my class, got into the best university in my country, traveled and so many other beautiful things happened to me. However, none of this could have been possible if I changed, if I adjusted to what they expected. I kept on reading books. I kept on epxressing my thoughts and looking for different adventures. Today I am living my dream life in a completely different country.

You know, bullies become bullies because they think they have power over you. But that doesn’t have to the case if you love who you are. You can achieve anything you want by being yourself. I still blow water bubbles, wear two ponytales at the same time, have a fort in my house where I read beautiful fairytales (my favorite is Little Prince). And I am 25. I live in a different country, because I can. Most of my classmates have never left either their city or country. So, you see, loving yourself and being yourself is aweosme. It makes you different and incredibly special. It helps to achieve your dreams. Don’t be afraid of that.

Love, V.

This is my love for Lucy. Hopefully, it helps other people to remember how special they are as well. Don’t doubt yourself. There is no one else like you.

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