Memory box on the fridge

Whenever you visit someone’s house, one of the things that catch your eyes is a fridge. Even though it’s the same metal box safeguarding one of the most precious things in the world – food – it’s completely different in every home. For some reason, often this simple box becomes a memory box. A box with memories that stares at us every single day.

Some people have children drawings, others have magnets from different places. There are those who exchange notes with their roommates or have pictures of the happy moments. Ours collect people and adventures. There are old-school pictures from a photo booth. There is a drawing that one girl with whom I exchanged few letters drew. There are postcards that friends, we wrote for each other. There is a note that my mom wrote when I was in the first grade and wished that I would keep my childish charm and innocence. There are wishes for this year and the ones that already came true. Finally, each magnet has its own story – there are ones that symbolize us (partner’s family has a wonderful sense of humor); there are ones that remind us of the most important things in the life (good night kisses, constant adventures, homeland, and others) and the ones that remind of our friends. Our fridge gives you a glimpse of who we are and what is important for us.

Everyone has some kind of safe-keep. For most, it’s fridge. For others, it can be an actual box. Either way, we tend to collect memories. I’ve read somewhere that memories are the best souvenirs. I wonder if mine would change over time… I wonder if our fridge and it’s memories would change…

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