Spotlight – discovering the truth

As usual, we had a movie night. Usually, we settle for the movies which are more uplifting and often seen a few times already. However, this time we decided to mix things up and watched a bit more serious, maybe even depressing movie. Spotlight is a great movie which makes you wonder how much did you miss, can you really trust people in power and how we ended up in this horrible place where even an innocent children can’t be protected. At least, it made me wonder, but everything in its time.

spotlight-movieI will start from the beginning. The movie is about the journey that happened when few stubborn and curious journalist started looking into Boston’s pedophilia scandal. Priests abused little, scared and troubled children in order to satisfy their sinful lust. The Church, police, schools knew about it, but no one did anything and simply brushed it under the carpet. So, a group of journalist stumbled upon the story or were rather forced under this story and became obsessed with uncovering the truth. With the guidance and support of Marty Baron (starred by Liev Schreiber), Walter Robinson (Michael Keaton) and his team of Spotlight tried to uncover the truth which meant destroying friendships and few partnerships, realizing that the community wasn’t so innocent as they thought and that people could have done something but chose to remain silent. It doesn’t focus so much on the horrible things that happened to the children, but of course, that’s a part of the story. However, they focus on personal dilemmas, community rules and customs. In the end, it makes you face the sad reality – people often have the power to do something, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they choose to act on it.

So, as I said – it’s more about values, convictions, and willingness to actually fight for something that matters. Sadly, we choose to close our eyes instead of accepting and maybe even making the reality slightly better. I loved this movie because it made me realize how much of an influence I could be if only I decided to.



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