Three years of endless love

Three years ago I was bold enough to go to a guy, give him a tiny piece of paper with a compliment in a bar. However, I wasn’t brave enough to actually say something. Or even stay for 5 minutes for a quick chat. Nonetheless, three years fast forward I am as happy as I have ever been. And this time next year I will be married. If someone had told me that this would be my life 3 years ago, I would have laughed. I had a plan which didn’t involve boys at all.

I was always one of those girls who never dated, never had a boyfriend or never even needed/wanted one. I had a plan. I wanted to achieve something, to prove that I could achieve something and be badass. To prove that I can be something without a man. In general. I liked being alone. I always missed a person who would understand me, but I didn’t need a boy for that. I always believed that a good friend would do. And I met him. He changed my life, he made me stronger and more confident. Once for girls, boy choose to follow a girl and not vice versa. We left our home country because I wanted to study and he happily agreed to that. Even with a boy I still managed to get into good uni. I managed to get into a top-notch graduate program in one of the biggest cable companies in Europe, maybe even in the world. Even with a boy, I am on the path of becoming a badass lady.

Somehow I assumed that boys ruin everything. Girls get too smooshy to actually achieve something except loving so strongly that the rest of the world stops existing. I was shocked to learn that love no matter who you are – a boy or a girl – makes you stronger, more resilient, more passionate. It gives you a reason to go and conquer the world because you always know that even if someone knocks you down, a helping hand or a shoulder will be there. I am slowly learning that I can do much more while loving. I am much happier while loving. And that’s why I am incredibly grateful that I had enough courage to give a not which led to these three wonderful years. And I couldn’t be more excited about the coming rest of my life.

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