Comitting to reading

I used to have this app Bookout which encourages you to look into reading just like into any workout - you have to commit and do your part. It's supposed to help to track your reading, provide stats and bunch of other info which turns reading into a game. For some weird reason, all my books and data disappeared and I decided to store info about my home library somewhere more secure. While doing that, I realized how many books I have and how many are still untouched. So, I decided I would read all the books that I own before buying/borrowing anything new. And damn. It's a hard job.

A. Huxley. Doors of Perception

I've heard about 'Doors of Perception' a while ago - my mother was reading it maybe a decade ago. It took my a while, but we have similar taste and she knows her way around the books. I remember how interested she was when reading the book and how inspired she was afterward. So, when I got my hands on it, I was really excited about that.