Comitting to reading

I used to have this app Bookout which encourages you to look into reading just like into any workout - you have to commit and do your part. It's supposed to help to track your reading, provide stats and bunch of other info which turns reading into a game. For some weird reason, all my books and data disappeared and I decided to store info about my home library somewhere more secure. While doing that, I realized how many books I have and how many are still untouched. So, I decided I would read all the books that I own before buying/borrowing anything new. And damn. It's a hard job.

Missing my food

So, when you're an expat, you have to overcome many different challenges - starting from setting your account (which can be as exhausting as crusades) ending with finding new friends. And once in a while, you realize how much you miss your food. It's nothing much, usually something extremely trivial but almost impossible to get in the current country. 

Memory box on the fridge

Whenever you visit someone's house, one of the things that catch your eyes is a fridge. Even though it's the same metal box safeguarding one of the most precious things in the world - food - it's completely different in every home. For some reason, often this simple box becomes a memory box. A box with memories that stares at us every single day.

Because of my parents

I have two loving and caring parents. Sadly, that doesn't mean that they are great parents. They wanted me to be smart, independent, self-confident and kind. Surprisingly, because of our relationship, I feel neither of these things. My friends, partner have to constantly reassure me that I am worth at least something that I would believe only for a fraction of a second.  So, my question for the past few months is this - how do the loving, caring parents ruin a kid so much that the only feelings I have are guilt, shame, and remorse?

All or nothing

I am a very dramatic AND categorical person. In my life there is only love and hate, there is no room for "sort of like it, but not really". My partner simply hates it, especially if we are arguing. "If you don't like the way I am saying, I won't tell you anything" happens way too often in my life. And this one of my favorite things about me and the thing that I hate about myself the most.

To all Lucies out there

There is this amazing project called The World Needs More Love Letters. Basically, it helps to share all love, joy, support around the world. Each month they have few letter bundle requests. This time, mom was looking for a bit of love and support for her daughter, Lucy. She is only 10, but already suffered from the cruelty of the world. Kids bullied her and made her believe that she isn't good enough, smart enough or special enough. She reminded me of myself and my fear, worry and even the wish to become someone else, someone one million times better. I believe that all of us have Lucy inside of us. So, I am sending a bit of love to all of you.