To all Lucies out there

There is this amazing project called The World Needs More Love Letters. Basically, it helps to share all love, joy, support around the world. Each month they have few letter bundle requests. This time, mom was looking for a bit of love and support for her daughter, Lucy. She is only 10, but already suffered from the cruelty of the world. Kids bullied her and made her believe that she isn't good enough, smart enough or special enough. She reminded me of myself and my fear, worry and even the wish to become someone else, someone one million times better. I believe that all of us have Lucy inside of us. So, I am sending a bit of love to all of you. 

What does it mean being in love?

We grow up with the fairytale of love and relationship where the most important part is falling in love and battleing challenges to be together. I grow up with and my case was even worse - I have parents with more or less perfect story. They fell in love in high-school and are still deeply in love. But that's not the full story of love. It's much more complicated. And frustrating.

Two different working styles

So, I am doing this master which is basically non-stop teamwork. Usually, that's not a problem. I have been working/volunteering long enough to learn my way around the people. However, this time... It's almost impossible to handle.

Sitting in the street

No matter where I am, this time of year is one of the most beautiful. It differs per country/place, but you still can find something incredibly beautiful. In here, the Netherlands, it's all these people who in the end of the day take out their little tables and littles and simply sit on the side of the street.

Standing up after a fall

I used to say that I want to ride motorcycle one day without actually experiencing it. I used to say it was so much fun without even trying to use it or actually falling. During one of the less successful trips, we fell and I wasn't even then one driving. Nonetheless, I was freaking out before the first ride after a fall.